Cycling trail in Liptovsky Mikulas

There are also benches or playgrounds in several places along the sidewalk, which is an ideal place for undisturbed summer fun in the fresh air. The cycling trail leads from the Ondrašová city district, around the Palúdžan bridge to the bridge in Okoličné. There are 2 cyclotracks along the route, and in case of emergency you will find a service point at Hotel Lodenica where you have free access to both the pump and the basic tools.

Sivý vrch z Bobroveckej doliny

Bobrovecká vápenica – Pod babkami – Chata pod Náružím – sedlo Predovratie – Sivý vrch (1805 m n.m.) - sedlo Predovratie – Babky (1566 m n.m.) – Pod babkami - Bobrovecká vápenica

Fairy-tale Enduro

Natural trail takes you into fairy-tale forest. Enjoy "fairy-trail"!

Educational trail of artists

Explore a short educational Trail of artists in the beautiful surroundings of the Lúčky Spa. It leads behind the Spa Hotel Choč, the Dependance Liptov spa house and the Balneocentrum. The trail is dedicated to the memory of famous artists whose lives were connected to Lúčky. The gazibo is dedicated to Milan Michal Harminc, a famous architect who designed the Dependance Liptov spa house. The artistic benches are dedicated to Tadeáš Salva, a famous composer who was born in Lúčky, and to Jožko Piťo, one of the most famous first violinists in Slovakia who used to play in Lúčky and who contributed to the promotion of Slovak folk music.

Veľká Chochuľa z Korytnice

Korytnica, rázcestie – Hiadeľské sedlo – Malá Chochuľa – Veľká Chochuľa (1753 m n.m.) a späť

Through Tri Vody to Luková

This route can be taken in adverse weather conditions and high avalanche danger. A large chunk of the route runs through the forest and is protected from the wind with the exception of the final section, which lies above the forest zone and can get windy. The route is usually well-trodden and easy to follow and is also suitable for beginners. The ascent is relatively gentle, ideal for the advanced tourers. You can return back to the resort at several points along the way. The advantage of this route is that it can also be taken when the snow conditions are not ideal.

From Čertovica to Lajštroch

This is a pleasant, short and easy trek accessible to beginners (less physically able people) or novices who are just warming up to the sport of ski touring and would like to experience off-piste skiing. As it only takes a few hours to complete, and can be done within one morning or afternoon, the tour is also a perfect option for those who are short of time. It is not technically demanding, with no need for climbing crampons and an ice axe. Lajštroch (1,602 m.a.s.l), the destination of the route, is a distinctive domed peak of the main ridge of the Low Tatras, located north-west of Čertovica. The view of the north and the west is obscured by higher peaks, but the view of the south and the east is open and unobstructed, allowing you to fully enjoy the scenery of Čierny Váh stretching from Veľký Bok and Veľká Vápenica to Kráľova Hoľa.

From Záhradky to Chopok

Chopok is the third highest peak of the Low Tatras. The route leading to its summit is ideal for skiers who seek to enjoy the off-piste terrain and want to use the facilities built in the Demänovská Valley (chalets, buffets, parking spaces) at the same time. The advantage of this tour is the fact that you can check actual snow conditions and avalanche forecasts during the ascent, before you start skiing down the steep draws. Since the part of the trail leads across one draw, you will need to know how to use crampons and an ice axe if the snow surface is hard. Even though the trail is on the northern part of the mountain range, the sun shines here mainly early in the morning when the sky is clear. This is because the whole Lukovský Kotol opens towards the east. The snow conditions here are normally better than in the adjacent Derešský Kotol because there are snowfalls even in north-westerly winds. This is an advantage on one hand, but on the other hand, such wind currents can form dangerous snow cornices and ledges. The steepness of the terrain, mainly in the draws, makes it necessary to check actual snow and avalanche conditions at In addition to avalanche forecasts, we recommend watching the movement of other people on the spot as this area is sought after by free-riders, who have an easy access thanks to the cable car that takes them up to Chopok.

From Čertovica to Chopok

This is not a common ski tour as it does not start and end at the same place. It begins in Čertovica and ends on Chopok. When planning this tour, you will have to consider transport options. You can take a bus or park one car in Jasná and drive another one to Čertovica. Another option is to ask someone to take you to Čertovica and pick you up in Jasná. This tour will take you to the highest parts of the Low Tatras. Even though the descents are not long, there are spectacular views of both sides of the ridge. In the north, you can enjoy the breath-taking scenery of the High and the West Tatras and in the south you will have a chance to see lower peaks of the Slovenské Rudohorie mountain range and, mainly, the mountains called Veporské Vrchy. As far as avalanche risks are concerned, the ridge is relatively safe. However, the danger cannot be underestimated especially when you traverse the slopes near the peak called Ďumbier. Besides avalanches, the snow surface of the ridge may become hard and icy due to strong winds. In such conditions, you will need winter mountaineering equipment, such as crampons and an ice axe. We strongly recommend checking weather forecasts and warnings at before setting out on a tour. The route itself is not technically demanding, but no one can underestimate its length of 13.5 km (its total length is about 19 km, including the descent to Jasná) and more than 1,200 metres of elevation gain. The best time of the year for this tour is in the spring, when the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, which makes the trip much more pleasant.

From Jasná to Dereše

Dereše is a mountain situated in the highest portion of the Low Tatras ridge. It is one of the few peaks in this mountain range the altitude of which is more than 2,000 metres. In the beginning, the trail is moderate, but its final stage leads through a steep and narrow draw. That is why you need to know how to move in crampons and use an ice axe. Most of the trail is north-facing, so the sun almost never shines there in wintertime. Therefore, the snow in this place is often powdery. In other parts of the valley, however, its surface is changed by the sun. Such shaded and steep slopes can become very dangerous, especially in December and January, when the sun rays do not fall on them yet. As a result, the snowpack is not stable. Since the steepness of the slope exceeds 35°, it is necessary to watch weather and avalanche forecasts. In addition, you need to consider movement of other skiers as Dereše is very popular with free-riders, who often come here from the nearby ski lift to Chopok.

From Liptovské Revúce to Krížna

The route begins and ends in the village of Liptovské Revúce. This less demanding tour leads to one of the highest peaks of the Veľká Fatra mountain range - Krížna. The trail is less visited as more skiers begin their tour to Krížna at Rybie or Turecká. This, however, means that it is ideal for those who prefer off the beaten tracks and avoid crowds of tourists. The name of the peak (Krížna – “Cross”) is really apt as you can get to this destination from several places. What is more, it is the crossroads of several summer hiking routes and you can get there even along the cycling trail. Ski touring fans love this place mainly for its wide and smooth grassy slopes. Only a few dozen centimetres are enough for perfect skiing. However, its elevation may be a slight disadvantage because a lack of snow and mild winters can considerably shorten the winter season in comparison to the High Tatra Mountains. In addition, the route begins at the elevation of 735 metres above sea level, where the snow does not stay long. That is why we recommend watching snow and also avalanche forecasts. Even though these mountains are low, there is an avalanche danger, especially in the steepest draws around the peak of Krížna. Unfortunately, there were some fatal avalanche accidents in the past. Since the route is pretty long, skiers need to be in really good shape.

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